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Mat (Larry) Brown, (e-mail:

Married to Rosie Manion of Avon Connecticut, (2002 Mayor of the Scituate St. Patrick’s Day Parade); Father to Mary Beth, former Director of the Duxbury Arts Association, and now working in Cambridge for a scientific laboratory seeking a cure for cancer. Matthew, husband of Kate McCarthy of Canton, salesman for Horizon wines, and father to Michael, Jack and Matthew, and Amy, wife of Pete Rogan of Medfield and mother to John, Charlie and June.

I worked at being a teacher for 19 years (11 at Scituate High School and did the Building #19 ads for the past 30 or so years; a job that I loved ‘cuz for 20 years, I was unsupervised.

I remember my years at Scituate High School as truly innocent years, like an Archie comic book: dances, football games, homework, pimples, crushes, wishing I had a car or a girlfriend or some athletic ability. It seemed like I was embarrassed all the time over something or other.

I loved teachers Bill Johnson in the high school and Maude Williams in the Jr. High. Hated Miss Hague in Jenkins; learned to like Lizzie Giles when I taught with her.

Best memory of the fifties: Actually starting a football game (even though I couldn’t play worth a lick) the music (pre-rock’n’roll; it was sappy but later, fun to dance to) getting my cartoons actually published in the Scituate Mirror…Worst: The Braves leaving Boston, Captain Marvel not being published…trying to get the courage to call up a girl for a date; and failing.

I loved Minot Beach right in front of the Cliff Hotel…and Sandhills beach (third opening) and the movie house. I was infatuated with just about every girl in class…but most of all, Ann Breen, Liz Grassie and Suzanne Taggart.

Best Sports event? Tech Tourney of 1952; Ted, Dom and Vern hitting home runs to beat the Yankees in a 1947 double header…and of course the Patriot’s Super Bowl wins. Best Shows: Music Man and West Side Story on Broadway…Movies: Singin' in the Rain and the Sting…books? I read a lot so its hard to pick one”: Travels of Jamie McPheeters; Catcher in the Rye; Casino Royale; Parker.

I’ve met JFK and Hubert Humphrey, Tommy Holmes and Sibby Sisti, owned a Red and white 1957 Chevvy Convertible, been to Ireland, San Francisco and New York, lived in San Jose CA for a year and have seen the Grand Falls of the Yellowstone, The Cliffs of Moher, and Carole Doda.(San Francisco’s first topless was a long time ago)

Been Elected to the 1972 and the 2003 Scituate Charter Commission…had my ads chosen as one of the ten best in Boston (‘77), and won National Science Foundation scholarships to U of Maryland (‘64) and San Jose State (’66). Got to teach school during exciting times (60’s and 70’s)…and have become a micro celebrity in the Boston area (“You did those ads? Whadaya know!”)

Regret not going to Indiana to Campaign for Robert Kennedy when invited…and not sending Editorial Cartoons to the Globe when invited.

I think the Catholic Church, which formed my morality, has become an embarrassment. …Particularly because they are wrong about everything below the waist.

My politics are left: The United States hasn’t been right about any military intervention since Korea.If churches want to get into politics, they should pay taxes. Donald Trump is more of a threat to America as I understand it than Al-Qaida. The Republican leadership is indulging in class warfare by rewarding the rich and punishing the middle class. (You get the idea.)

My health is good, despite the fact I have 100 more pounds, 6 less teeth and the same amount of pimples that I had in High School.