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Matthew L. 'Mat' Brown

122 Tilden Road,
Scituate, Ma 02066

Born in Scituate in 1936; Parents Matthew L. and Catherine R. Brown.

Father was elected Town of Scituate Highway Surveyor for 26 years.

Mother worked in Scituate Town Hall for 20 years.

Graduated from Scituate High School in 1953.

Graduated from the University of Massachusetts Amherst in 1958.

Major: Government; Member of the Senior Honor Society.

Married Rosemary Manion 1963.

     Three Children: Mary Beth, Matthew, and Amy.

Attended The University of Maryland in 1965 and San Jose State University in 1966 on National Science Foundation Scholarships.

Taught Junior High and High School Mathematics in Plymouth, Marshfield,
and Scituate from 1959-1978.

Bought 122 Tilden Road Home in 1966.

Elected to the 1972 Scituate Home Rule Charter Review Commission in 1978.

Left teaching to create Building #19's prize-winning advertising.

All children graduated from Scituate High School and the University of Massachusetts Amherst.

Was elected to the University of Massachusetts Alumni Association's Board of Directors
for eight years from 1990-1998.

Wife Rosie worked for the South Coastal Bank,
and in 2002 was elected Mayor of the Scituate Saint Patrick’s Day Parade.
After Building #19 went broke, Mat went to work for Ollie’s Bargain Outlet,
(a chain of stores similar to Building #19 with branches all over the country.)
Also, Mat is an Editorial Cartoonist for Gateway Publications’
Scituate Mariner and Cohasset Mariner.


Matthew L. 'Mat' Brown:

Experienced • Impartial • Steady